One of the biggest challenges Brazilian cities face today concerns greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. A major concern for government leaders is the discovery of ways to minimize these effects and align their cities to the global requirements regarding this matter.

Aware of this problem, Sanepav partnerships with municipalities to develop projects aiming the reduction of gas emissions through sustainable construction of landfills, selective garbage collection and waste recycling.

Carbon credits: a revenue source for municipalities

The Kyoto Protocol, adopted in 1997 and entered into force in 2005, established that industrialized countries that have ratified the act should reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 5% between 2008 and 2012 from their 1990 level.

To encourage this process, the so-called Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) projects were developed. One of these measures is the carbon credit.
The dynamics works as follows: countries or municipalities that have successfully reduced their emissions receive carbon credits from the United Nations (UN), on a ratio of 21 carbon credits to every ton of methane emission reduction.

Once these credits are acquired, the country or municipality can sell them to nations that did not reach their emission targets or can trade them in the stock market.

Sustainability also generates income

As for the interests of municipalities, one of the most successful ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is well-structured processes to build landfills. Now it is possible to convert the gas produced by natural decomposition on municipal landfills into electrical energy, a strategy that significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Sanepav offers tailored solutions so municipalities can make use of this technology through the construction of landfills and the efficient transport of waste. Thus, it is possible to generate an extra income to the city while the problems for managing the waste generated by the city are reduced.

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