Services – Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of public and private areas consist of a series of activities varying in size that require both expertise and technology solutions to be carried out in an effective way. Sanepav presents a range of services specially designed to fulfill every customer needs, as follows:

Manual sweeping of street gutters and routes

Consists of the manual cleaning of street gutters and storm drains of roads and public places in general, paved or not. The gutter includes the track next to the curb and the bed of public roads, which serves as a stormwater drain.

Mechanical sweeping of street gutters and routes

Consists of sweeping the gutters on both sides of main avenues and lanes of traffic. It is recommended for removal of existing waste in storm drains along roads with heavy traffic and high speed limits, and on avenue medians. It aims to provide greater security and efficiency to the cleaning operations on those areas.

Land clearing

Trimming or total removal services of existing vegetation coverage in specific locations, using hand tools. Land clearing is intended to eliminate weeds or grass hindering the transit of vehicles and pedestrians while maintaining the aesthetic appearance and inhibiting several kinds of debris accumulation, focuses of diseases, and insects.

Prunning and waste collection

Pruning of green areas and collection of all waste generated by pruning. The removal is performed by specialized teams and by trucks equipped with trailers. The waste is disposed of in landfill or in a space provided by the client.

Curb painting

Customized manual curb painting services provided according to municipalities’ requirements and needs.

Mowing service

Trimming of vegetation, keeping a living cover on land. Ideal for turf maintenance.

Landfill operation and maintenance

It is the disposal method for solid waste in carefully selected landfills. The operation is carried out as to avoid damage or hazards to public health or safety, making use of engineering principles to confine the waste to the smallest possible area, reducing its volume to levels still favorable to biodegradation.

Cleaning and draining of streams, channels, and storm drains

Cleaning, maintenance and drainage of streams, channels and storm drain inlets. The cleaning and maintenance involve the removal of clogging materials from these areas. On the other hand, storm water drainage takes place through large networks, which operate as water conduits. Furthermore, a network of storm drains bypasses and small galleries is used, acting as a mean to capture water and transport it from the galleries, streams, and channels.

Chemical land clearing

Involves the application of chemicals approved by IBAMA for the removal of weeds in street gutters, storm drains, and sidewalks.

Cleaning and maintenance of public buildings

Inside/outside cleaning of public buildings employing skilled labor and advanced technology to ensure the most effective cleansing in less time.

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