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Sanepav provides a wide variety of services for collection of materials, using state-of-the-art technologies and innovations in the industry. Learn about each one:

Collection and transportation of solid waste for municipalities

Sweeping and removal of solid waste resulting from cleaning service on routes and public areas. We provide appropriate equipment and trained personnel, with the use of pickup trucks equipped with compactors.

Collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal of medical waste

Collection, transport, and processing of all septic waste generated by hospitals and clinical laboratories. A dedicated vehicle equipped with all the technology required by law transports the material.

Collection of household solid waste

Removal of solid waste generated by homes and buildings. We provide appropriate equipment and trained personnel, with the use of pickup trucks equipped with compactors.


In many cases, the vehicle that makes the waste collection cannot be the vehicle that carries out the transport due to special conditions in certain regions. Thus, we provide transshipment operations, which consist of moving the materials from one vehicle to another while maintaining quality in transport and avoiding losses.

Collection of industrial waste

Removal of waste resulting from industrial operations. We provide appropriate equipment, trained personnel, and vehicle suitable for the type of material being collected.

Debris removal

Removal of debris found mainly on abandoned and collapsing buildings. For this purpose, we provide special vehicles for the removal of non-compactable waste, primarily dumpsters and rubble.


Technique for solid waste disposal in the ground without damaging or risking public health and safety, and minimizing enviromental impact. The system employs engineering principles to confine solid waste to the smallest possible area and reduce them to the lowest possible volume, being covered with a layer of earth at the end of the day or in shorter intervals, if necessary. Sanepav provides all the service needed, which includes: preparation, execution and conclusion, following national environmental standards and those required by the state agency responsible for authorizing the construction and licensing.

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