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The Sanepav website user specifically acknowledges and agrees not to:

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Uso de Hiperlinks para o Site da Sanepav

The user and all those people willing to establish a hyperlink between her/his website and the Sanepav website shall meet the following conditions:

  • Do not create frames around any page on the Sanepav website;
  • Do not misrepresent in any way the Sanepab site, its administrators, employees, web pages and services;
  • Do not state or imply that the Sanepav website team has authorized or is in any way liable regarding the services provided on the web page where the link is;
  • With the exception of signs composing the link, the web page where the link is to be set must not contain any trademark, trade name, logo, slogan, drawings or any other signs belonging to the Sanepav website.

The setting of a link leading to this page does not imply, in any event, that the Sanepav website approves and endorses the owner of the website where the link is set, or the Website contents or services.

All trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs of any kind published on this site are property of Sanepav or third parties, and the use of, or access to, the site or its services shall not be understood as permission to use such marks, names and signs in any way.

The website content is property of Sanepav website or third parties and shall not be deemed property of the user. The exploitation rights that exist or can exist regarding such content can only happen under the terms for the correct use of the site and its services.

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