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Founded in 1996, the Sanepav Saneamento Ambiental LTDA provides innovative solutions for sanitation, urban sanitation, and waste management for the public and private sectors.

We offer the widest range of services related to public and private areas cleaning, providing labor, proper machinery, and other equipment required for good operational performance.
Today, we serve about 1 million people a month, collecting about 13 tons of waste generated by our partner municipalities every month, and sweeping about 10,000 km a month manually.

Sanepav has over a thousand employees spread throughout Brazil, a fleet of about 80 trucks, and provides machinery and equipment for rental.

With over ten years of experience in the market, we provide a consistent expertise for the industry, always developing new methods and operating systems, innovating the collection and disposal system of solid waste, the cleaning of roads and public areas and the maintenance of drainage systems.

Our mission:

To offer a high quality service for municipalities, always considering the environmental preservation.

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