Separate your household waste

A great way to help preserve the environment is recycling. To make this possible, all waste must be separated according to their composition. You can do it at your home and contribute to helping our planet. Here are the different containers of recyclables and their respective colors:

  • Blue: paper/cardboard;
  • Red: plastic;
  • Green: glass;
  • Yellow: metal;
  • Black: wood;
  • Orange: hazardous waste;
  • White: medical waste;
  • Purple: radioactive waste;
  • Brown: organic waste;
  • Grey: usually non-recyclable waste, from mixtures or contaminated waste.

Save paper

About a third of the paper consumption refers to the paper used as packaging material. Some of these packages have less than a minute of use. Contribute to reducing paper waste by using both sides of a sheet for taking notes, buying recycled paper and avoiding unnecessary printouts.

Batteries disposal

Did you know that a single cell contaminates the soil for about 50 years? Therefore, disposal of batteries must be a very careful process. Batteries cannot be thrown away with household waste because they contain heavy metals that, when wet, further contaminate the environment. To consciously dispose of such products, contact the public cleaning service in your city and see if there are posts for batteries disposal.

Learn how to reduce your waste

It is important to be aware that, besides the importance of recycling the waste we generate, we can reduce the amount of waste we create. Each person produces 1.2 kg of waste daily on average. Brazil alone produces 100.000 tons of garbage a day. It is quite simple to reduce this amount. Besides reducing the use of paper and packaging, we can also use cloth napkins instead of those of paper. Another tip for corporate environment is to change the disposable cups for durable and personal mugs.

Donate your old appliances

Instead of throwing away old appliances and toys, donate them to charitable institutions or for people who can make use of them. Such debris in landfills increases the pollution levels to the environment, when it could have been useful to others.

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